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He sees what no one else sees and bursts greatness out of each performer

Karla Souza

Methods & Approaches 

As one of the UK’s leading acting coaches, Geoff Colman inspires professionals wishing to develop their craft, prepare for technically specific live or recorded performance contexts, and achieve dynamic results in rehearsal, on set and in performance. His deeply considered, client-focussed approach is much sought after, informed as it is, by not only his extensive work in Film, TV, & Theatre etc., but also, fundamentally, by his experience of having witnessed some of the world’s leading practitioners at work, including Cicely Berry, Augusto Boal, Wlodzimierz Staniewski, Anne Bogart, Eugenio Barba, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Tim Miller, Kei Takei, and Jasmin Vardimon. Whilst Geoff's extraordinarily detailed theoretical knowledge is alert to the theories of the past, his coaching is also sensitive to the needs of today’s contemporary actor. It is this essential fusion of both practical experience and deep theoretical understanding, that helps create the enabling conditions for truly great performance.

Coaching Opportunities

Geoff offers individual, ensemble & company coaching as required, working with clients during pre-rehearsal, rehearsal, on location, on set and in production. He works both nationally and internationally, and can also offer coaching via internet platforms such as Zoom, Teams and FaceTime.

Coaching includes:

  • Audition Preparation, Readings, Castings

  • Self-Tape Preparation 

  • Script Work (Film, TV, Theatre) including breakdown, dramaturgical advice and consultation, preparation, and analysis

  • Character Development including continuity, emotional range & access  

  • Presenting Skills for TV & Broadcast 

  • Celebrity 'cross-over' coaching, for those in the entertainment industry wishing to ‘cross-over’ from their original professional background (sport, fashion, presenting, dance, music etc.) into acting

  • Pre-location rehearsal & location/on set coaching during filming

  • Specific rehearsal or shoot troubleshooting

  • Performance for Hidden Camera/ Reality

  • Dance/ Dance Theatre

  • Performance for Magic & Illusion (Film, TV, Theatre)

  • Realisation of character (and subsequent continuity) from film script into production with Directors, ADs, 'First' and 'Second' Units etc.

To discuss how Geoff Colman can help you, or for information on coaching rates and availabilities etc., please get in touch.

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